A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Race towards the end of the Universe in this infinite runner!

How To Play

Arrow keys to move up and down, right arrow to fire and space to start.

The Story

A neverending and deadly race has been organised by strange robots.

Using their Motoverses, the future's flying motorcycles, they run through every planet and hope to find what they're doing it for.

Other Things

Made for the 10th Geta Game Jam, enjoy!

Maybe I'll make a post Jam version later.


Never Riders Windows.zip 22 MB
Never Riders Mac.zip 23 MB


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Tried it, but it seems I scoot'd right past the upgrades shop? Seems like I move pretty slow on the ground so I was hoping to upgrade. Music / Volume controls would be nice :) 🛴🛵


Thanks for the comment, you need credits to buy upgrades! I'll change things in the post Jam version.