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Play with your friends or alone in this retro Splatoon demake! :D

How To Play

There are three game modes:

1v1, where you fight against a friend and try to make the more splats

Turf War, where your try to cover a bigger surface than your opponent with your ink

Octo Mode, where you fight the Octarians in solo and try to survive

There are also three weapons, the sames as in the original game:

The Splattershot, a simple gun which just shoots ink

The Roller, which covers the surface that you move on

The Charger, a sniper which is convenient for long lines of ink

Directionnal arrows to move, P to shoot ink, O to squid, L to lock direction and M to throw a bomb for Player 1 (Blue).

Z, Q, S and D to move, H to shoot ink, G to squid, V to lock direction and B to throw a bomb for Player 2 (Orange).

Oh and of course, Space to Start.

PlatformsWindows, Flash
Release date Jul 10, 2018
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Tagsdeathmatch, ink, minigames, Multiplayer, splatoon
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution_NonCommercial v4.0 International
Average sessionA few minutes
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


Sploon.zip 15 MB


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please make  this playeble on web

i doubt they will this hasn't been updated in over 3 years

Is this game going to be functional in the future or has it been abandoned by the Devs?

sorry, completely abandoned.

Zapdexio, try and convert this game into HTML



rip, i really wanted to try this game but you need flash and flash is dead :(

Do we need Flash?

there is a glitch when i finished playing octo mode some octarians are still there and sometimes can splat the blue inkling and it anoying when on 1v1 mode


good game :)

Please add custom binds, I'm begging you!

Is this a scratch game?

Deleted 3 years ago

game isnt launching

how do you play?

The game isn't launching?

no it is not

i am on chromebook using chrome with flash and its not working

It may take some time to load, just wait x)

can you make a pvb cuz i don't wanna play with my brother and his weird settings. plz make that you can change controls and color

What's PVB? Anyway if it was made with another engine that can edit images I would but it isn't...

Pvb means Person Versus Bot

There is one, it's the Octo Mode



ever heard of WASD?


Ever heard of France?


How are you going to put the description in English and then use ZQSD?

wasdwasdwasdwwasdwasdwasdwasd I an do that with onehandqzsdqzsdqzsd Slower but still on hant on qwertyuiop keyboard.

Unfortunately, my shit browser doesn't work with flash, but I read splatoon demake and already love it.

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks, maybe I'll add a .EXE version ^^

Edit: I did it lol

Lol, Sploon! title from Garfielf:

Actually it's not lol x)

Ok, It has only been a very funny coincidence.

It has x)