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game isnt launching

how do you play?

The game isn't launching?

no it is not

i am on chromebook using chrome with flash and its not working

It may take some time to load, just wait x)

can you make a pvb cuz i don't wanna play with my brother and his weird settings. plz make that you can change controls and color

What's PVB? Anyway if it was made with another engine that can edit images I would but it isn't...

Pvb means Person Versus Bot

There is one, it's the Octo Mode



ever heard of WASD?


Ever heard of France?


How are you going to put the description in English and then use ZQSD?

wasdwasdwasdwwasdwasdwasdwasd I an do that with onehandqzsdqzsdqzsd Slower but still on hant on qwertyuiop keyboard.

Unfortunately, my shit browser doesn't work with flash, but I read splatoon demake and already love it.

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Thanks, maybe I'll add a .EXE version ^^

Edit: I did it lol

Lol, Sploon! title from Garfielf:

Actually it's not lol x)

Ok, It has only been a very funny coincidence.

It has x)